Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday: "Mom I'm Bored" Edition

Oh...it's summmmmerrrr time! My kids have 2 more days at school and then the long awaited summer vacation! This year will be different! Since I am a working mom, my kids used to go to YMCA Day Camps during summer vacation. Yes, they have fun there, but it's not like a total vacation because it's held in their school facility. So they still go to school everyday except that there's no "formal lessons on academics". Lucky for them, the school is near the beach and the wise Camp Director added a "beach time" to their daily agenda. But even with the beach time and the fun scooters they have, it's still different because I still had to wake them up early to go to the camp.

This year my parents are here - yahoo!!! They get to stay at home during summer vacation! We have a pool so they are set. The neighbor's kids usually come here and hang out at our pool. It's fun. But 6 weeks is long for the kids to be JUST swimming in the pool. I needed other activities to keep them busy, occupied and creative....

Several years ago I bought a book at Savers (thrift store, for those who don't know...) titled: A MOTHER'S MANUAL FOR SUMMER SURVIVAL by Kathy Peel and Joy Mahaffey. I never really used it that much since my kids went to the Camp and I didn't have much time to do all these activities and fun stuff with them. Well, it pulled it out of the book shelf today...and my, oh my, this book is wonderful! Full of activities that will solve the "Mom, I'm bored" complain - many of the ones listed WORKED FOR US.

Now, here's my TIP: This book is now available at Amazon starting at $.01 - YES, ONE CENT! Ok, that's used. But the new ones are available for a dollar or so - it's still inexpensive. Hurry...purchase it now.

And if you're an E-BAY fan, there's one seller there that's selling this book along with MOTHER'S MANUAL for SCHOOL DAY SURVIVAL. I tell you, it's an excellent deal! That's where I got this photo. Go there now and bid. I don't know the seller and she (or he) did not pay meto adverstise. It's just really a good buy so I'm telling you :) (by the way, that's where I took the photo posted here).

I'm so happy about this edition of Works For Me Wednesdays. There are a lot of "summer fun" stuff listed there at Rocks In My Dryer. Go check it out!


Joyful Days said...

How wonderful your kids can spend summer at home with your parents. You know my time as a child with grandparents and aunts and uncles is priceless & full of memories.


Kristen said...

Good tip!

Anonymous said...

I've got those, or at least one of them, somewhere -- I need to see if I can find it.