Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tales From The Scales

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I'm coming in late. Actually, I was not late. I registered and posted the first time this Tales of From The Scales came out because I think it's a good thing. However, the first "weigh in Tuesday" fell at the time I was undergoing my dental implant process and so it didn't work around that time. Why? Because it would have been my false weight. I was down to 99 lbs! Why? Because I couldn't eat anything solid! Hey, could this be a tip? Undergo a dental implant process and lose weight? I had lost 5 pounds in about 3 days! Seriously, I think the combination of not eating (just drinking Carnation Breakfast and Ovaltine) combined with regular exercise in my treadmill did the work.

So now, I'm back. Why? Because I am now eating solids, I have neglected my treadmill because the marathon is over. I am gaining back the weight I've lost...and I'm gaining them fast!

To be totally honest, it's not really the "weight" that I am most concern about - it's my Jelly Belly! It's it my genes, I mean the "fat belly" genes...and if I don't watch out I'd be this little old lady with a big fat belly (my mom looks like she's about 8 months pregnant right now).

My dear hubby "knows my belly struggles" too. He even told me that he's willing to finance a tummy tuck if I'd want to. Nah! I think I'd try good eating and regular exercise first...

Even when I was young, I had the belly problem. I so envied the girls with flat tummy. I mean FLAT! How in the world do they do that? Genes...I blame it on their genes. Of course many of them work out and watch what they eat ...that's why I am re-committing myself to doing that - I mean the working out and eating right.

So what's my weight right now? 103.5 (last night). Don't raise your eyebrows. I am barely 5 feet tall with a small frame. 100 lbs is my ideal weight.

I should be measuring my belly because my real goal is to flatten this belly or at least to not let it bulge out more. I'd do that (measuring my belly) later and will post it here.

Lastly, before I end this post, I just want to emphasize that this is a good thing. It's not about being vain, it's about setting a goal and doing it. If you're someone struggling with your weight, happen to come to this post, and have read up to this point - I encourage you - don't give up. Keep working on reaching your goal. Tales from the Scales is about "committing ourselves to something good". It's about supporting each other and enjoying the process. I repeat - do not get discouraged! We can all do it!

For more Tales from the Scales week 4 weigh in tales, go HERE. Aside from the weigh in page, make sure you visit the Main Page and explore the site. There are so many wonderful resources there to help us reach out goal :)


Denise said...

You are doing great, hang in there.

Gretchen said...

Go Liza...Flatten that belly...Go Liza...Flatten that belly.

Okay...that's my attempt at a "cheer". :) You can do this. We all have our health struggles, and none is any easier than another. Blessings to you.

mommy3 said...

Last summer I needed major dental work and lost a lot of post-PG weight. I lived on Carnation Breakfast and mashed potatoes.

I used to have the flat belly, but after 3 pregnancies, it's all stretched out and saggy! {sigh} Those miracle shapers help keep it all in. Shh, don't tell anyone my secret.

I saw someone started a Summer Exercise Challenge that you might be interested in. I think it's awesome that you completed the marathon earlier this year!