Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Reflections . . .

I have come to realize
that I am most at peace
when I focus on what I can do
rather than what I cannot do
and think of what I have
rather than what I do not have

when I acknowledge that I can't do everything
and yet, there's something that only I can do

when I believe that God knows what's best for me
and I'll be the best in whatever God purposed me to be

I have come to realize that
I'll only be in this world for a short time...
Life is too short for me to focus
and dwell on my problems

I have come to realize
that joy comes from enjoying life...
but not just anybody's life
or what other think of my life should be...
It comes from enjoying life...
the life I'm called to live!

This is a re-post from my archive. Thanks Tim for letting me use a photo from Second Timothy

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