Sunday, June 10, 2007

26 Things He Likes About Me (Make that 13)

As I was sorting out the tons of paperwork and stuff my kids took home from school, a piece of paper caught my eye, and melted my heart...

First, to those of you who do not know son has dyslexia, and writing his thoughts down on paper is an enormous and painful task for him. Apparently, on Mother's Day his teacher asked her students to write 26 things each of them love about their moms. they have to use an A to Z acronyms. Well, my son couldn't come up with 26, but the 13 he had written is good enough for fact, it's more than enough. He did not give me the note because it wasn't finish. He's sort of a perfectionist, and if it's not done according to what he wanted it to be, he'd rather not give it...

I'm glad I found this half-done note. I love it, and I love my son! Here it is. I kept the dyslexic spelling for memories' sake, and the italics comment are mine:

26 Things I Like About You

Achievs a lot
Best Mom I cood have
Cooks good
G (his name) luver
Hevy luv
I (he drew a heart) you
Loves to blog :) :) :)
Mom's big heart
Queen of the hows (yes, that's house)
Sooper Mom
X-tre special
Yummy treats

Where's that box of tissue?


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet! At least he was able to write what really means to him. More than impressing the teacher, he writes from his heart.


Gretchen said...

My mom had (undiagnosed) dyslexia and thought she was stupid for so many years...When I became a speech therapist, one of my goals was to tell her how smart she was to get through life as well as she had. Her memory and compensatory strategies were amazing.

Your son is lucky to have you.


Lucy said...

that is simply Adorable and worth saving forever.
i wish i would have held on to all those kinds of treasures from when my boys were small
he sounds like a sweetheart. :)

Anonymous said...

That's such a precious find. That's a great photo too.

Anonymous said...

thats a lot for him to write
well done to him
and yep its one of those things Id keep forever

Anonymous said...

Just read Gretchens comment and yes they are amazing kids arent they
they use many strategies and they are bright its just getting it on to paper that proves difficult as you know Lisa Billy my oldest son has dypraxia and dyslexia

A Dusty Frame said...

aww that is so sweet:)

Anonymous said...


as i am teary eyed and all that, i wonder how God must feel when we, in our various states come up with even just 1 reason.

who said there are no more tears in heaven?


mommy3 said...

That is SO extremely precious and heartfelt! I chuckled that he included "Loves to blog"! I'm so glad you found that in his papers - those are the kind of notes I cherish!

I can't remember if I shared that my brother-in-law has dyslexia. He also has his PhD. Just some encouragement for the future :)

Christianne said...

Awww! He's very expressive at such a young age... at perfectionist pa! Good traits to have :)

Anonymous said...

That is so incredibly sweet!

Anonymous said...

It's what comes from the heart that makes all the difference! That is very sweet, and by the way I am a special ed teacher, and work with LD kiddos, so I know that one is a keeper!! :)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...


I meant to comment on this a while back. You will treasure this forever! What a sweet sweet son you have. :)