Sunday, May 27, 2007

So Many Blogs So Little Time

I noticed a phrase I used twice recently in my posts: "I was planning to post about this but I don't have much time right now...."

Truth be told, I will never have enough time to posts about many of the things I would like to post about. There's just so many things to blog about with so little time. There are also so many blogs to visit with so little time....

Therefore, I should just be happy posting stuff "right away" without thinking much about it... like seeing a "raw video footage" on tape. Here it goes:

Some of you may be noticing that I am once again posting some family photos and even talking about my family. There's just no way I could stop doing it while I continue to blog because it's a part of me. I still am very conservative with the way I share info and photos but at least I'm not totally avoiding it. Hubby glanced at my blog last night while he was waiting for me to log off and he saw the photos of him and the kids in my blog. He didn't say a thing. I think he finally realized it's a part of me and he just have to trust me that I will not "endanger" our family by posting things that are too personal.

Speaking of "so many blogs, so little time, I still want to get my "All About Tweens" blog going. Yesterday we attended a "Tweens Family Camp" and it was awesome! The theme of the camp is "Unplugged". All electronic devices were restricted at the camp and families participated in a lot of "old time family fun". Ok... I will blog about it on my "Tweens" blog sometime today....I'll let you know when it's up.

So many little time. Since it's a long weekend...I will do a lot of blog visiting tonight :)

It's 5:38 AM, I've got to brew our morning coffee (I can't believe I'm blogging without drinking my coffee yet. It's a dangerous thing!)


Joyful Days said...

It's not just blogging that there's not enough time for. Too many books, too many interests, too many things that NEED to be done. I never thought I would say that there is too little of me...Actually I think it is too little time.

Have a good week!

Andrea Frazer said...

YOu're not alone in your sentiments.

Rena said...

You are so right about there not being enough time to stop by to "see" everyone and to post about all the ideas bouncing around in one's head.
And I must say I'm glad to see you posting about your family again. I had kind of missed that. I post about my family, too. My husband actually seems to enjoy reading my posts, so I figure it must be ok.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what you are expressing here. I often prepare posts in my head that will never make it to the web. Have a great weekend!