Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sandwich Generation

I recently heard of this term "Sandwich Generation" from this Christian Working Mom blog. Prior to that I didn't know that such term exist, and little did I know that I belong to such.

Most of you know that my parents have now moved in with us. Maybe some of you are wondering how is it going. It's going great!

One of my main goal in moving them here to live with us on Maui (from the Philippines) is for them to be able to bond with my kids, their grand kids. That is going on very smoothly and I couldn't be any happier. Even with the language barrier (my kids do not know how to speak Tagalog and my parents are not fluent in English yet), they are getting along very very well. My parents take them to school everyday and picks them up also. Both generations love it!

I am starting a blog for my parents which will be titled "Tatay and Nanay's Maui Adventures" so that my bothers and all our relatives and friends can be updated. I will post a lot of photos there.

One thing that is a concern is that my dad told me (and I have observed) is that my mom is becoming more and more forgetful. I have seen and heard her say things over and over again. When I get a chance I will research on Alzheimer's and see if she's exhibiting the symptoms. Maybe it's an early sign of being senile. I don't know. I won't worry much about this for now. It's only a little sign here and there. What blesses me is how my dad cares for her and protects her. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. If you've seen the movie NOTEBOOK, you'd know what I mean when I say that my dad is like that husband on that movie. He's a "rock" for my mom. It's so inspiring to watch him.

I googled the term Sandwich Generation and was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of articles, even a full range of websites dedicated to it. I will read up :). Here are some samples: here, here and here.


Joyful Days said...

It is so wonderful that you are sharing your life with your parents. Certainly a blessing to have parents that you can do that with.


JJ said...

Hi Liza,
I work in extended care with Alzheimers residents.

I would take your mom to a doctor. Many other problems ie hypothyroidism, depression, stress,vitamin deficiency, dehydration etc can cause memory lapse.

If you are researching memory loss, include "dementia" All loss of memory due to a stroke or other reason is catorgorized under dementia not alzheimers.

Our local police and alzheimers society have a great program in which you register you parent, they take photos and give a special ID and update yearly, that way if they get lost at the mall etc. it is easier for them to be found.
I pray that her memory gets better, maybe it was the stress of a new move and big change in life.

mommy3 said...

How wonderful! I understand the joy of having the grandparents so involved with the kids! We have been hinting to my parents to move closer for a few years ;)

You have my prayers as you work to figure out what may be causing her memory loss and that it is something that can be easily remedied.

Hope you are having a great week!

Kristen said...

Sounds like jj had some good advice.

It's great that they get to spend time with your kids like that.

Many blessings,

Pat said...

How wonderful that you have been willing to take your parents in--and that it's working! Yes, the Sandwich Gen is a big thing now, and will only get bigger as Boomers age. Come visit my blog at www.generationsandwich.blogspot.com and learn more.