Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Mother's Day Series #8 - Hannah's Hope

I had been enjoying posting a variety of topics on Mother's Day. However, today it hit me that for some women, Mother's Day is not the best time of the year. In fact, Mother's Day is a reminder of something frustrating, sad, disappointing or tragic. The women I am talking about are the ones who are longing to have children but cannot have (or at least don't have one yet), or the women who lost their babies in miscarriage or lost thier kids through other causes of death. And not to forget the women who after being given the diagnosis that they are infertile, tried to adopt and yet the adoption process is taking forever....

This topic is very close to my heart as there's a couple I love who are still waiting.... And while I do enjoy all my mother's day series posts, today I was reminded that these loved ones who read my blog daily. It might be a little difficult to keep on reading about mother's day while they are waiting. To you my dear (you know who you are), keep the faith. Your baby will come....

I found a blog and website today as well as a book about this things that I am talking about. Here's an excerpt from that blog that I would like to share. I know I already am directing you to head over there (Jenni's Blog)...but I still would like to put these words here in my blog:

Posted on Mother's Day 2006 - Jenni's Journal

Was it you who prayed? (Mother's Day Comfort)

As in past years, my heart has been greatly burdened this week for all for whom this Mother's Day will be painful. I think of so many friends and loved ones (both single and married) who are longing for motherhood, Mommies grieving the deaths of your precious children, those in strained/hurting/broken relationships with their moms and/or children, and my precious friends who are grieving the losses of their own mothers. My heart is burdened to pray not only for each of them individually, but also for the countless, nameless, faceless masses of women who are grieving and dreading this weekend.

A wonderful new realization occurred to me today. If God is burdening my heart like this, as I'm sure He is burdening many others to pray as well, then it is very probable that back at that horrid Mother's Day of 1994 when I was so overwhelmed with grief and depression, He was burdening someone (maybe many "someones") to pray for me as well! I may have been on her heart specifically, or I may have been part of her burden for "all infertile women hurting this Mother's Day," but the reality is that God honored those prayers! As alone and discouraged as I felt, God's hand was there. In my own strength I could only have given into despair, but in God's grace He redeemed by pain for His glory.

Where would I be today had it not been for those prayers that someone lifted before the Throne of Grace? Was it you who prayed for me? If so, there are not words of adequate thanks!

Are you the one in need of prayer this year? If so, please be encouraged - God has not forgotten you and you are on the hearts and in the prayers of countless women who have already walked this path ahead of you, along with many who yet join you in the ongoing grief and use their own pain as a catalyst to pray.

For Mother's Day this year I have asked my husband for flowers and asked my pastor to allow me to place these at the front of our church and run a small notice in the bulletin simply stating, "The flowers at the podium are placed in prayerful and loving honor of all mothers and mothers-at-heart, with special recognition of those for whom this holiday may be painful: those who have lost mothers or children, women longing for motherhood, and mothers and children in broken relationships." While we may not be sitting together this Sunday, these flowers are in your honor as well!

UPDATE: I found another post with a similar thought. CLICK HERE to check it out


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to agree with Liza and say, "Yes, your baby will come" Don't lose the fight. Keep standing. I could give you testimony after testimony, including my own. ((Hugs))

Gretchen said...

Simply beautiful. Thanks for your encouraging and uplifting post.

Erin said...

Very encouraging, Liza... thank you.