Monday, April 30, 2007

Mental Health and Bloggity Update

Guess what? Today, Monday the 30th, I took a Mental Health Day Off to de-stress. I was supposed to do this last week Wednesday but work was busy and I didn't think it was a good thing to do then. But today I know I really have to or else I won't be a "nice person" to be around.

Although I am typing up this post today (Monday night), I won't upload it until Tuesday because today I decided to participate in One Day Blog Silence. If you're a daily visitor, you'll notice that there's a new post added before the One Day Blog silence post. It didn't appear on Monday. I typed it up on Sunday night to post it the next day, but I was reminded that I needed to be blog silent today so I am uploading it tomorrow (which is today when you read this:)

So..... good news: I finally accomplished Urgent/Important Task #5! Sorry, I can't list all the task here because some involves my family. The important thing is I've accomplished it! The catch is now there's a nother 5 new urgent/important task to accomplish. But I won't do the "no taskie, no bloggie" deal anymore. Forget that :)

Back to mental health, it's amazing what one day of "retreat" can do to our disposition. I feel better now than yesterday and this morning. Tara from "Lessons from The Scrapbook Page" blogged about this not too long ago when she posted "Making Time For Personal Retreat".

P.S. - Thank you Jenn for a nice Monday morning surprise. I can't wait to share it here :)

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