Sunday, February 4, 2007

Musings of a C Working Mom - Part 2


1. Make coffee for HoneyB - Check!
2. Cook Blueberry Pancake for Family - Check!
3. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher; clean sink - Check!
4. Fold and put away Laundry -
5. Put away the rest of the boxes with Christmas Decor -
6. Write a letter to G's teacher - prepare for the meeting
7. Return Overdue books to the library (I know it's closed but drop it off in their in-box) -
8. Go to Safeway to buy milk and other groceries
9. Inspect Kid's Backpacks; get ready for Monday
10. Instruct and Help kids clean up their rooms -
11. De-clutter (neaten up all hard surfaces on Living Room, Family Room and Dining Room that are accumulating clutter)
12. Watch Superbowl, NOT! - Hubby is going to a friend's house to do that.
13. What's for Dinner Tonight? - Think! Cook! (or buy from a fastfood?)
14. Unplug! - almost check! ....ok...I really will unplug for the rest of the day...really...


Mary J. said...

You are a superwoman! Definitely take a break for yourself!

I want to recommend one of my cyber friend's blogs. She struggles with lots of motherhood, job, and faith issues. Though I haven't met her in person, I think she is a great person and a very talented writer.

sheilamarie said...

I wish it were this easy for me to make a list of chores to do and actually accomplish them :) as mary said, you are a superwoman