Sunday, February 4, 2007

Musings of a C Working Mom - Part 2


1. Make coffee for HoneyB - Check!
2. Cook Blueberry Pancake for Family - Check!
3. Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher; clean sink - Check!
4. Fold and put away Laundry -
5. Put away the rest of the boxes with Christmas Decor -
6. Write a letter to G's teacher - prepare for the meeting
7. Return Overdue books to the library (I know it's closed but drop it off in their in-box) -
8. Go to Safeway to buy milk and other groceries
9. Inspect Kid's Backpacks; get ready for Monday
10. Instruct and Help kids clean up their rooms -
11. De-clutter (neaten up all hard surfaces on Living Room, Family Room and Dining Room that are accumulating clutter)
12. Watch Superbowl, NOT! - Hubby is going to a friend's house to do that.
13. What's for Dinner Tonight? - Think! Cook! (or buy from a fastfood?)
14. Unplug! - almost check! ....ok...I really will unplug for the rest of the day...really...


BlondeMom said...

I'm making a big pot of chili. We're watching the Super Bowl here but it's kind of nice to just stay home and enjoy my family all's VERY cold here today!

Mary J. said...

You are a superwoman! Definitely take a break for yourself!

I want to recommend one of my cyber friend's blogs. She struggles with lots of motherhood, job, and faith issues. Though I haven't met her in person, I think she is a great person and a very talented writer.

sheilamarie said...

I wish it were this easy for me to make a list of chores to do and actually accomplish them :) as mary said, you are a superwoman