Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday - Tropical Fruit Salad

Ingredients: (portion or quantity is up to you)
Strawberry - remove top, cut in half
Cantaloupe - cut in small squares
Pineapple - cut like tidbits
Grapes (green and red seedless)- cut in half
Blueberries - just throw in :)
Mandarin Oranges
Put all together in a bowl for a colorful yummy fresh fruit salad. No dressing, no cream! this is one of hubby's favorite salad.

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Anonymous said...

You got me craving fruit salad! Yummy! Thanks for sharing.

An Ordinary Mom said...

We love fruit salad in our house ... I just need to make it more often. I am sure the fruit you have access to, though, is much fresher :) !!

Susanne said...

Love fruit salad and there is nothing like having fresh pineapple in Hawaii. The pineapple in the stores here tastes nothing like it.

poppycock said...

mmmmmmmmmmm.... :)

papyrus said...

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Amber said...

I don't think I've ever met a fruit salad that I didn't like. :) I love fresh fruit!


sheilamarie said...

Yummylicious! Will try to make this for Hubby :D