Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Maybe I'll find my place in this bloggers world soon, as I found a piece that fits the puzzle

In my previous post titled Finding Myself In This Bloggers World, I mentioned how reluctant I am to be too involved with the "Christian Women Bloggers" who seem to have developed a "circle of friends" in the bloggersphere. My own insecurities as a working mom, along with others reasons, is hindering me from actively getting involved.

Yet, I find myself participating more and more in their activities..reading more and more of their posts, linking more and more to their blogs. I just can't get away from them...

Today I have confirmed one of the reasons's because of the love and compassion these ladies manifest in the way they blog and the way the treat and support each other....

Boomama's Post today touched me. I was teary eyed as I read her post and read Kelli's post that she linked to. If you want to know more about here, click here.

Aside from Boomama's post, a couple of others have this invitation to help posted in their own blogs:
Everyday Mommy
Living To Tell The Story
Blue Birds Blog
5 Minutes For Mom
A Chelsea Morning
and there are many many more..

To those of you who read this blog and only heard about this here, I humbly ask that you participate in whatever way you can. Thank you.

Yes, a piece of the puzzle is solved. As much as I wanted to distance myself from these wonderful Christian ladies, I know I would always be drawn to love always draw people near.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written and expressed. The blogosphere is an amazing place and we can find friendship nearly anywhere. Nice to meet you blogging friend! Your compassion is inspiring.

boomama said...

Beautiful post...and it really is a special (and big!) circle of people. I totally related to your first paragraph - I felt the same way this time last year.