Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Conquering Procastination

JUST SAY NOW - That's the title of the article I found in the November issue of Family Circle magazine. I've cut off the article, placed them in a sheet protector and will post them on the wall of our bedroom next to my bed.

I have highlighted some important facts, important tips, and I am determined to put into action the things I've learned from there. By the way, I read the article 2 times and highlighted the important tips before I placed them in that protector sheet.

To sum up what the article states, here are the 7 things we need to do to conquer this procastination:

1. Time Yourself
2. Make A Choice
3. Learn To Say No
4. Make a Few More List
5. Schedule Guilt Free Downtime
6. Recruit A Ruthless Friend
7. Give Yourself Rewards


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