Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Conquering Procastination Part 2

Day 1:
Make a To Do List - check
Neaten up Kitchen ad Living Room Area - check
Wash Dishes - check
Review Tatay and Nanay's immigration papers - check
E-mail Laura about Thanksgiving Dinner - check
Cook Dinner - check

I have more than 30 things listed on my To Do List. I know I need to break this into chunks for me not to get overwhelmed. I also need to make sure that I "do" some of the "important but not so urgent" tasks because I have the habit of procastinating on those kind. I don't want end up with just doing the "usual urgent" stuff on my "vacation", such as dishes, laundry, etc. And yes, my "trip to Lavender Farm by myself" is also listed there. I need to make sure I do get a "vacation" out of my "vacation"

The fact that I did review my parent's immigration paperwork is a good sign (I've been procastinating on this for months). Tomorrow I need to tackle that again. Not just review but actually fill it out and mail it out. Wish me luck! (OK, if I'd have an honest estimate, I'll be able to mail it out on Monday.. but as long as it's all ready for mailing by Monday morning - I'd be estatic).

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