Thursday, August 12, 2021

So Much To Share, So Little Time

What do would you be doing a lot when you retire? For me I see myself as writing a lot (journal, blog, book, letters to family and friends). I also see myself gardening.  Gardening is something I'd love to do but don't have the time to do right now.  I also would like to travel if I can afford it.

So much have happened in the past few weeks. Each of these events deserve its own blog post. I will eventually write a blog post for each, but for now it will just be mentioned here: Our dear Aunt, Tita Manding, passed away.  Two days ago was my mom's 10 year death anniversary.  My Maui 2021 and Beyond Book is very close to getting published.  My son G's best friend got married, G came home for a day and a night to attend it. He is now back in LA. My daughter is moving to Texas soon. It's my husband's birthday yesterday. And many more. So many port worthy events in my life. However, I promised myself that this blog is a place for me to de-stress instead of something to be stressed about. So I will write a post for each of these mentioned events when I can, and if I can't then at least I have mentioned them here.

Each and everyday when I wake up, I think of how blessed I am to live on Maui, to have wonderful family and friends, to be alive.  

Have I already told you how much I love blogging? The journal kine blogging? If not, then I am telling you now, I do.

It is Thursday today and I'd be working from home. Oh, that's another blessing I am thankful for everyday. I am blessed to have a job that I love, working with people who are great to work with. 

Time for me to wrap up this post.  A hui hou!


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Forgetfulone said...

I retired a year ago, and I do write more now than then. I also read more, which I love. But life has a way of happening, and it has definitely not been smooth sailing with covid and aging parents, so one day at a time.