Saturday, August 21, 2021

Life is Beautiful, and Hard, and Complicated


I have no idea how I was able to blog daily when I first started blogging here at Liza's Eyeview. At that time I had two small children, I was working full time, and my husband was working 2 jobs. I guess it was really important for me at that time to connect with other moms and the only way for me to do that was online because the only time I had available to do that was when the kids were asleep at night and my husband was still at work.  

Now I have the same need to blog but with a slightly different need for connection. I simply want to journal online as a way for me to document my days, clear my mind, and also be creative; and be inspired as well as inspire others. I have 1001 posts in my mind, I hope to "unload" and upload some of it in

Lots accomplished today and lots to do tomorrow. Now time for me to unplug, read a few pages of DEEP WORK (yes, I bought the paper book!) then go to sleep. Tomorrow is another day. And I am grateful for today.

Playing Jengga

Playing Jenga during his (Brad's) birthday celebration.

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