Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Mama Blogger Is On A Roll!

It’s 5:23 in the morning. I have already been up for an hour and been tweeting, e-mailing and FB’ing. Now I am writing a post for this blog. Yeah baby, this Mama Blogger is on a roll!

Truth is I should be writing a post for A Maui Blog right now. But I thought it would be fun to visit here first. Afterall, this is my first love, my first “blog love”.

There are a lot of things in my mind right now. The upcoming Thanksgiving, my kids’ schooling, the business blog I will be resurrecting, plans for my work as a Social Media Director at Premiere Mortgage and Aloha Luxury Properties, and not to forget our daily dinners, etc.

My life is busy. Crazy busy. But I have learned to take it day by day so I don’t get stressed out by it. But there's one thing I am a bit concern. I am noticing that our “life with friends” is being affected by our busyness . Recently we had been neglecting spending time with our “old friends”. We just don’t hang out with them as much as we used to. That is not good. Yesterday we were supposed to go to a “first birthday party” of our good friends’ son. We planned on attending but bailed out the last minute due to some complications in “the home front”. This year’s Halloween, instead of spending it with our best friends up in Waikapu which we’ve done in the previous years, we decided to stay in Kihei. Hmm...

Speaking of “this Mama Blogger Is On A Roll” I better get rolling writing my posts at A Maui Blog. Need to. Exciting things are hapenning at A Maui Blog - I need to keep up with the momentum.  It was nice stopping by here for a quick visit. And if you are still reading this post up to this point, I salute you, and love you. Yep, this post is so quick and random. Thanks for reading!

A hui hou!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are on a roll. I like when you write on Liza's Eyeview. It's more personal, I think. Anyway, it was nice to catch up with you, your busy world, your concerns and disappointments. Life just doesn't come in the nice little packages we prefer, does it?! One day, it will be different. For now, we trust, obey, and go through the open doors God gives us.
Love you, dear Liza.

Karen Johnson