Monday, March 30, 2009

Second Week of Spring Break!

The first week of Spring Break went by so fast!  This morning I told the kids that we are going to do a little bit more planning on how we are spending our second week of Spring Break. We don't want to just wake up next Monday saying - "oh, where did the Spring Break go?"

So I might just "live blog" our second week or Spring Break to keep us on track :)

I'd be in and our this blog. Stay tuned :)

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Coconut Girl Connie said...

Most importantly, enjoy every moment! My mo'opuna come from Oahu during the summer, I cannot wait! Also, found we have a connection in Hope Chapel! I was on staff at Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay for 10 years and a member for 22 years. The person who posts from Maui (on my blog) was raised partially at HC Kihei.
Finally, I recognized you with a sisterhood award, hope you don't mind. I know these networking awards take time to pass on...I do love your blog!