Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Show Me The Money

My postings on blogs are a bit scarce and my participation on bloggy carnivals are not as active as it used to be. In fact I can't believe I missed participating at the Bloggy Giveaways. The reason? I was busy Twittering! Not that I will give up my blogging for twittering. Blogging is my first love (on internet social networking that is) but recently Twittering is bringing me a lot of excitement and inspiring me to pursue Internet Marketing as my "work at home" career.

Last weekend I organized a "Maui-Tweet-up" and met with some Twitters from Maui, and well as Jeremiah Owyang who is a web strategist and web analyst with Forrester. Joey Johnson, my marketing genius friend, would have been so proud of me! The tweet-up went well and I am now organizing another one. This whole social networking thing at Twitter amazes me. I would never have thought in my wildest dream that I will venture into a marketing career but my passion for blogging is leading me there. The neat thing is that the Lord is opening windows of opportunities! I really believe He is leading the way. I started blogging for personal selfish reasons, then starting blogging as a ministry, and now it has come full circle, I am blogging and twittering for me to be able to have income while I stay at home and it's ok (not selfish at all).

I can ramble on and on about my excitement on this new endeavor. But I won't. I do not want to scare you dear readers and friends away. My Liza's Eyeview blog will remain my personal blog where I talk about me, my family, and my personal walk with God. My other blog, A MAUI BLOG will be more of my "business blog". A new design just got uploaded! We're still doing some tweaks to make it nice but it is nice already!

Now you are probably wondering why my title says "Show Me The Money". Well, it's a joke (but not really a joke) from my husband. Last Sunday when I was rambling on and on about how excited I am about the Maui Tweet-up and my A MAUI BLOG blog, he patiently listened with a grin in his face. Then he said, well... remember that movie Jerry McGuire? Remember what Cuba Gooding keep on saying? "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!" Apparently he is very much aware that my A MAUI BLOG has not bring in any income at all. Well, not yet anyways. But it will. I know it will. But I am not focused on that right now. I am just so passionate about using this A MAUI BLOG to promote Maui that I know I do not have to worry about the income it should bring. As Zig Ziglar said, find a need, help fulfill the need, and you will become successful. I think that's the secret of my success - I like fulfilling a need. It comes natural to me.

I got to get ready for work. Aloha!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Liza! Congratulations on your successful event and best of luck with your new "adventure." You're going to do great. -T&L

Unknown said...

Just keep doing what you're doing. The dividends will come in. If you have $$ in your eyes, people will know you're only in it for the money. What you do has to be able serving people! (And I know it is!)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are embarking on anothery journey. Wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

What's the ROI of a conversation at a coffee shop?

What's the ROI of talking to your neighbors?

What's the ROI of chatting with your family?

Till those questions can be answered, it's hard to put ROI on meeting social folks.