Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Christmas Letter and Blogging

Every year we are faced with a dilemma on whether we should write a Christmas letter or not. We love getting them, but it's hard to write because we are always careful not to make it a "brag letter" but we also want to highlight our "joys" and share it with our loved ones.

Every year we would start with saying, no - let's not do a Christmas letter this year. But on the last minute we always do. And guess what, every year when I pull out our old letters from the box (or the computer file) I am always thankful that we do write Christmas letter because it is becoming our family chronicle. It's great to look back and see how different each year was. It's interesting to read our ups and downs. It's great to read the letters and look at the photos that go with it. Oh how our kids have grown!

And so this year, hubby wrote the letter. He is a better write than I am because he writes funny letters as opposed to my serious letter. Our family and friends appreciate his humor, I keep telling him he should blog :)

Speaking of blog, that is what my dear hubby talked about, about me. Here's the excerpt for you dear bloggy friends to enjoy. Merry Christmas! :

Liza is a blogging fiend! I’m talking all times of the day and night she’s just typing away… We should have a single bed to save space. She’s got a few blogs going and just recently got into twittering. I must admit that I don’t read her stuff but I understand it’s good from those who know. People come up to me and comment on things that are going on in our relationship and I have no idea who they are and how they know about my marriage… She says just read her blog and I will know how she feels and what’s she thinking. (All I want for Christmas is a conversation)… Liza’s job will be ending this January, or soon after. This will be a new “opportunity” for her to blog more (is that possible?) and maybe actually make money while doing it (Google: A Maui Blog)… I must have prayed and accidentally asked God for more faith and greater trust… See what I get? God has a sense of humor when it comes to me. (I feel a second job in my future.)

So yes ... that worked for me this year! For more Works For Me Wednesdays, visit Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer.


Anonymous said...

yeah..letters are really hard to write..

Karen said...

That was adorable! Good ole Bradley...what a guy!!! Great way to begin your new year! Love you and thanks for being a blogging fiend!

Jane Anne said...

That was great! And, I am glad I read it b/c I couldn't figure out too much to say about myself in my Christmas letter. I never thought about mentioning my hobby of blogging.