Monday, December 29, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday: Miscellaneous Tasks

Sometimes I find it amusing that in the blogworld, the days are a bit "advanced". For example, I have to make sure my Tackle it Tuesday is done and posted on Monday night. The same goes with the other memes and carnivals like Wordless Wednesday which I post on Tuesday Night, etc. etc. Anyway I thought I would mention that before going to my actual post which is a lot of rambling ;)

So here's my tackle it Tuesday which are the things I tackled today, Monday:

1. Went to work (on my way, dropped off N to a friend's house)
2. Worked on a task assigned to me by my boss
3. Went to Safeway to get the ingredients' for tonight's dinner
4. Dropped off G to Taekwondo lesson
5. Cooked dinner
6. Loaded dishes in the dishwasher
7. Loaded dirty laundry in the washing machine
8. Tweetted and then Blog

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Maddy said...

Sounds pretty darned productive to me!

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I actually did my tackle over the weekend...

Carolina Mama said...

Hey great list! And I would totally agree with you on the schedule. :) I posted today about time efficiency in writing. ;)

How's Hawaii? :) My hubby lived there when he was a toddler. :)