Friday, December 26, 2008

The Need To Focus

It's the morning after Christmas. How was your celebration? We had a relaxing one - something I requested. Instead of inviting a lot of friends, we opted to celebrate as a family. Later in the afternoon we invited our close friends to our home, the Naks, who are like a family to us. It was a very simple Christmas celebration and I needed that. On Saturday we will have the "party" at our house - a gathering of friends, and I like that too. It just helps that it's not on the actual Christmas Day because I get a little stressed hosting a party on a Christmas Day.

Now that the new year is coming, I feel the need to step back and "re-group". FOCUS - that's the thing I am working on. I need to focus. I have a thousand and one plans and ideas, but I need to focus. I need to prioritize, and focus on doing the most important one, lest I get too busy accomplish nothing on the long list of to dos.

FOCUS - sometimes it is really hard. One culprit is the "tyranny of the urgent". There are many of those in my life. The "I have to do it now" projects that cannot be neglected even though they are not as important as the other things I need to so.

FOCUS - I really need to exert an effort focusing. I think that's the message for today. FOCUS.

So... in the next few days you might find me using this blog as my thinking board as I plan and set my goals for the next year. I will also plan on how to accomplish these goals. Yeah, blog as my thinking board - that might work :)

Now I am excited. Next to Christmas, I like New Year. I like it because it brings hope, freshness and opportunity to start or re-build. I know sometimes we tend to get discouraged when we see that we've been writing the same "new years resolution" over and over again without accomplishing much of it - but it's not the reason to give up. It's the reason to be challenged - to say that this year it will be different! This year will be the day I will accomplish more!

Yes, this will be my year! Yeah!