Monday, November 10, 2008

Seven Things And Happenings

Quite busy to write a long post, yet I would like to record what's happening with us so I thought that occasionally I would just post a quick "7 things and 7 happenings" post, like this:

1. N cleaned my car yesterday and I am so thankful. It hasn't been washed for weeks both inside out; and N did a wonderful job cleaning it.

2. We watched the Kung Fu Panda DVD and it was great! I highly recommend it. Lysa had some great things she said about it HERE and HERE.

3. I need to update our family calendar. It's crazy trying to keep up with all the happenings, from Orthodontist appointments, Taekwondo classes, Hula, parties, etc. etc.

4. I am still struggling how to balance family, work and taking care of myself. I do it one day at a time. I am very thankful to all of you bloggy friends who are source of support and encouragement.

5. My legs are sore from the 5K I did last Saturday. My fault. I did not do any warm up exercises, just ran. And speaking of running, I think I will do more of that again. There's a Christmas 5K that I will be participating. Sounds fun. Got to put it in our calendar.

6. Thanksgiving ... what are your plans?

7. Hubby caught a bug, looks like he caught a flu. Bummers!

I think I'd do more of this kind of post. It's an easy way for me to update everyone with what's going on in out lives. Kinda like Twittering but I get to write seven tweets in one post :)


Anonymous said...

wow, you do sound busy...

Love the update in this format.

and speaking of twitter...
we aren't twitter buds are we?

me said...

what a great way to update...i have to use this one :-)