Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh The Working Mom Dilemma

Today is the day before Thanksgiving ...

Yesterday I felt a little overwhelmed. My house is just not ready. I know most of our friends coming over for Thanksgiving are friends who have seen our messy house before; and honestly, they wouldn't mind. In fact, I know they would say, my house is fine. But there's something about a "holiday celebration" that makes clutter around the house, piles of laundry to be folded, and dirty toilets not acceptable - at least not to me. I understand that I am a busy mom, and it's ok to have a messy house, but on holidays? -I would like it to look nice... at least on special occasions like Thanksgiving. I am not even mentioning the food prep (not much prep but still has to prep so we won't be took disorganized tomorrow, yo know what I mean).

So yes, I felt overwhelmed and I decided to take a day off today. I am taking a few moments to "unguilt" though. You see, I feel guilty taking the day off today. I do not know why but I do. I don't like taking day offs from work. Not that I don't like to be at home because I do, but I feel guilty not being at work when I am supposed to be there. I also feel guilty that I had given such a short notice. I e-mailed my boss yesterday if I can take a day off today but it he probably did not get it right away and so i did not get the ok. i took a day off anyway. Not good. I do not like doing that either. Knowing my boss (they are family oriented) I am almost sure it's ok for me to take a day off today - I just feel bad that I gave a short notice. But I was very undecided whether to take a day off or not so it's so last minute. Oh well...

Now that I had gotten that guilt out in the open, off of my chest - I am going to log off and start doing the chores. Thanks bloggy friends - I know I can count on you to listen to my ramblings :)

P.S. I thought I should let you know that I am PMS'ng yesterday and today so I am a little bit more sensitive and tired. Hormones of a 42 year old isn't just too friendly. Sorry for the overshare - I thought that's part of my whole "I feel guilty" dilemma.


Upcountrysmiles said...

It's quite alright for busy Mom's to take the day off. Don't even feel guilty at all. I was once like that, so I know where you're coming from.
Hope you get your home in order, exactly the way you want it for the Holidays. Happy Gobble Gobble Day to you and your Ohana.

Anonymous said...

PMS at 42, the day before Thanksgiving,cooking for family.....of course you should take the day off!!! :) I had to work today also....UGH.
Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the day. :)

Tim said...

It's a hard spot. Responsibility at home and work. Best remedy: Flip a coin and let it hit the floor. Check whether heads or tails. Then do whatever you want. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

me said...

hoping your day off helped your mind just a bit. mama guilt is a strong thing for sure! hugs!