Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Blogging A Waste Of Time?

Everyone who knows me knows that my husband is not so thrilled about my blogging. And if I am a wife who would truly want to please her husband, I probably should stop blogging already, right?

Well... I am not that wife. Most of you who know me know I am quite submissive, and much of a pleaser. But blogging is one of the areas is my life where I held my ground and refused to submit to my husband's desire for me to stop or spend less time on.

When I blog hop around my bloggy friends blogs, I sometimes envy the fact that their husbands not only support their blogging hobbies but actually encourages them on it. Some of them, it's actually their husbands who suggested they trying blogging (many of these are the stay at home moms who needs to be connected more outside and have "conversations" with adults - blah, blah, blah).

I really don't know why I writing this post. I think, the issue is not really blogging but something else because my husband hasn't really complained about my blogging for a while.

The real issue is .... well, that's probably whay I am talking about blogging... because I don't want to deal with the real issue.

Oh well...

It's Sunday morning. I wish you all a great day!


The Farmer Files said...

Yeah....I am sure it is whatever the other issue is. We have had that conversation at our house, too. ;)

Upcountrysmiles said...

I understand your situation! After reading your blog, I must say I have to count my blessings for having a very understanding husband who encourages me to blog. I am encouraging you to continue blogging!! Love your blogs:)


Joyful Days said...

Praying for you on this. I know how important my blogging is for me.

Shared an award with you.


Anonymous said...

Oh Liza......I can tell this is a struggle for you. I think it all comes down to how we manage our precious time. And it's hard when we have to work!!!!!!!
I will keep praying for you about this. :)

Anonymous said...

Hugs for you dear lady.

(I also gave you an award on my blog....come see!)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

My husband cracks me up because he's very supportive of and proud of my blog and loves to tell other guys in his recovery group about it, but has yet to actually read it himself! ;)

Musings of a Housewife said...

I struggle with this. My husband was not always as supportive as he is now. And I struggle with feeling like I'm wasting my time. Some days I love blogging, and some days I wonder why. So I feel your pain. I hope you continue blogging, though!

Anonymous said...

My husband doesn't read my blog. He knows that I have a blog but says he is happy if I am happy. No bloggy issues at home! (He knows it is cheaper than to send me to therapy...)

Anyway, as long as blogging doesn't get in the way with the important things to do to run a house, take care of family, then I think there's no problem. All the best to you and to your blogging!

Karen said...

Where would we be without your blogging? And Emily and the Mauck's and Kit? We all need you. If he's not complaining, then you aren't being "unsubmissive". Let that one go. Bradley is trying to support you by not complaining. Good enough, if you ask me!

Love you, Joey's Blogger.

me said...

like grace, my hubby doesn't read my blog and he says if it makes me happy then he's happy. and i have multiple blogs for multiple parts of my life. cheaper than therapy indeed.
i love you blog, don't always remember to comment, but i hope you don't give it up.