Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thankful Thursday.... Already?

It seems like this week passed by so quickly. Maybe because we were too busy at work and too busy at home. Since Sunday night I had been wanting to write a post (instead of just uploading photos) but I just could not find any time to do it. But now that it's Thursday, I think it's appropriate for me to type a Thankful Thursday post, even though it might be short and sweet (because it's 11:25 PM already).

* I am thankful for my husband and I's marriage. It's not perfect but it's growing. We just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary - Fifteenth!!! We all know that's an accomplishment nowadays. No, we have not gone out on a date - I told you we are busy...

* I am thankful for blogging (that includes all of you my bloggy friends) - I don't think I need to elaborate.

* I am thankful for the ladies leading the "Created To Be His Helpmeet" Women's Study at Hope Chapel.

* I am thankful that our microwave oven is now fixed! Yehey!

* I am thankful for how the Lord is helping me get the A MAUI BLOG going. I am getting sponsors and I am able to update it regularly event with the limited time I have.

* I am thankful that I found some "atis" for sale at one of the Farmer's Market here. I learned it's called "sugar apple" here in the US (no wonder I love it :). It's one of my favorite fruit in the Philippines and it's hard to find it here - but I did last Friday! I bought 3!

Thankful for Atis!

* I am thankful for good health and for the Lord God keeping us safe.

For more Thankful Hearts, visit Grace Alone.

Good night ...

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