Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Language In Action

The other day my husband called me at work:

Me: Hello. What's up?

Hubby: I was reading your blog .. about the love language ... and I thought I'd call. (uh oh ... am I in trouble? my hubby rarely reads my blog, and when he calls about my blog it's usually because he read something he didn't like..)

Me: yes .....

Hubby: Well, you know ... you mentioned that your love language is "service" so I am doing you "service" by calling you. This is my act of service...

Me: (chuckled) I think that is a love language called "encouraging words", not "service". (giggled)

Hubby: Oh ... what do you mean... This is service you know....

Me: Well, on your next birthday, remind me to give you a gift (hubby's major love language is "gifts") And guess what that perfect gift will be? my gift of service! I will serve you that day! wouldn't that be sweet? (not! for hubby likes real gifts :)

No wonder we're messed up! We both laughed :)

* to know more about love languages, click here for the article on 5 Love Languages

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You got to have a good sense of humor in a marriage! Cute!