Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday: Chicken Barbecue

Works For Me Wednesday is having the "Five Ingredients or less" Wednesday. I wanted to share something that is always guaranteed everyone in our family loves to eat, and most (if not all) of our guests loves too. It's the chicken barbecue marinated on this sauce:

If you guys have Costco near you, make sure you look for this Korean barbecue sauce and buy one. It's "ono-licious"! (yes, that means delicious!). You can marinade chicken breast, chicken thighs, or ribs. It's the best tasting barbecue you'll ever have. Now, depending on your choice, you can modify it a bit. For example, my husband and I likes spicy food so we add a little bit of white pepper and crushed red pepper to the marinade. This sauce works for us!

So the 2 ingredients I use are: Chicken thighs, This Korean barbecue sauce. This goes well with steamed Rice - the Calrose kind. White or brown.

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Jodi said...

hmmm...I've never seen that brand - I'll have to keep an eye out. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This time of year I'm always grilling. I'll have to check this BBQ sauce out, next time I'm at Cotsco. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

We bought some after Father's Day (when you told me the marinade was a secret family recipe :-) -T&L

Real Life Sarah said...

Mmmm, Liza! This looks amazing!How long do you marinade it in the sauce?