Friday, July 18, 2008

Christians and Anxiety & Stress and Mental Health Days

Sometimes I wonder if some regular readers are puzzled or stumbled by my regular posting about my stress and anxiety. Some may wonder - isn't this gal a Christian. Isn't she supposed to "not worry" as the Bible says. Isn't she supposed to trust God?

Well ... it's true - God told us "not to worry" and "to trust Him". Most of the time I do. Sometimes I struggle, just because it's in my nature "to worry". I believe God made each one of us unique and it just happens that I lean more towards being a "worry wart". However, I do not fret, for the Bible also says "Therefore I will glory in my weakness, for in my weakness God' s strength manifest" (quoted from memory - I'd post the actual verse later). Besides, this blog is my "online journal" - it's actually "lifestyle evangelism" as it's best because I allow my readers to have a glimpse of my thoughts through this blog, as well as my actions and activities.

That said, I want to share that I am taking a week off next next week. I call it my "mental health days". I do that when I can feel that I need to take a break and relax, at the same time accomplish some unaccomplished tasks that's nagging me in my head and draining me of my energy (like getting all the school supplies ready for my kids return to school, etc.). In my mental health days I will also make sure I get some naps because I know that will help replenish my sleep account (I think I am sleep deprived at the moment). I intend to have a lot of quiet times with God, to get directions from him. You see, when I said "in my weakness is strong", I didn't mean to say that I'd stay anxious and worried - what I mean is in that weakness I will call on God's strength to carry me through and be victorious over it, and when victory comes, God gets the glory.

If you've read this far, thanks. If you've noticed some typo, wrong spelling, grammatical errors - pardon me. I am logging off pretty soon and don't have time to proof read, not even spell check. Will proofread and edit when I get back.


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