Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back From The Prayer and Praise Gathering ...

Well... it was good, but not quite what I was anticipating. If you've read my previous post here, you know that I was ready to "rock and roll" for God. I was expecting a long praise and worship time. It didn't happen. Good thing I read Los' post at Ragamuffin's Soul today, which made me understand that it's really not the number of songs that matters but our hearts. I guess I was just ready for something like "bringing down the walls of Jericho through praise". At any rate. It was good. A good time to be still before the Lord.

And because I was already so "ready to unload" my burdens before God prior to coming to this prayer meeting, I was a mess as soon as the first song was sung. I cried the whole way through worship (again, I say it was short ;) ). I raise my hands, I clapped, I knelt, and I did put my face down on the ground. Sometimes I worry that people might think I am attracting attention to myself. But then again if I can't worship God this way in our "church" where can I do it? I know... n the privacy of our homes.... but aren't we called to worship God in His sanctuary?

I prayed mostly inside the auditorium. I prayed at the Children's Ministry stations too (great idea!). But for other ministries, I decided to just get their "printed prayers lists" and I'd pray at home.

Almost 10PM. Tired. I think it's PMS time again - maybe that's why I was so emotional during worship time. But then again, maybe it's not because of that.

P.S. - In the coming days and weeks I will be talking more about marriage, family and motherhood. I feel that I have to live up to my title of "mommy blogger" :). Actually, I really need to talk about those because.... just because.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Liza I understand. I was raised in a traditional church. My young heart would be so full of love for God and it seemed like I was sitting among the dead. Of course this was a small town and everyone was aware of one another.
Then when I visited a church where you could openly worship. It was awesome. Awesome to be able to laugh, cry, lift my hands and truly worship. Someone asked me once why do you like that type of church. My response was "freedom"
Freedom to truly worship God from my heart and soul. When you are truly worshiping you are not aware of anything but you and the Lord.
Blessings to you this day.

Unknown said...

Even if the time did not meet your expectations, I pray you felt closer to the Father. It's hard not to have expectations. But as you worshipped and prayed, I hope that God's agenda was planted in your sweet and loving heart!

Have a blessed day, Liza!