Monday, June 23, 2008

A poem I wrote about 20 years ago still brings comfort
and encouragement every time I read it....

A thirsty soul longing for God
A loving presence manifest
A broken spirit looking for joy
A gentle touch he gives
A burdened conscience looking for peace
An assurance through his Words
A quietness that renews the spirit
A quietness that gives hope

- Liza's Eyeview

"In quiteness and in trust is your strength" - Isaiah 30:15


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Anonymous said...

Wow you must be having a retro moment, first it's a Amy Grant video and now an old poem! LOL!

Great to see how God can continue to use "an old poem" for His glory. It's beautiful Liza, and reflects the hope we have in Christ.

Anonymous said...

That's just beautiful, Liza! It goes perfectly with what I've been going through lately.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice poem. Simple, but profound.

Quiet times are really important for us Christians.

Thanks for sharing this.