Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Interrupt This Bloggy Break To Brag About My Daughter ...

N had been asking to have her own e-mail address for a long time. Part of me was just lazy that I did not open an account for her right away, and part of me is just not sure if she's ready for it. That would mean I'd have to monitor all her e-mails.

On Monday, she asked her dad to help her set-up her own e-mail account. I already agreed prior so her dad opened a gmail address for her.

I did not get to monitor her e-mails until this morning. And boy was I so touched!

One of the first e-mails she sent was to her friend I.B. who is the niece of our friend Joey who passed away recently. She asked how she's doing. Then I.B. replied saying that she's ok, but it's really Papa (their granddad who is Joey's dad) that she should be asking. And so N asked for his e-mail address.

N e-mailed a sweet note asking how are they doing... And Papa replied.

This made my heart swell. You see I am one of those "nervous perfectionist sort of a parent". I always worry that I am not teaching my kids enough. I always try to teach them but many times guilty that I feel I am not doing a good job. And then this...

When I read N's e-mail (and also remember how she always remember to pray for Karen and Joe at night) it occurred to me that "my action spoke louder than words". I had been spending a lot of time ministering to the Johnsons, hoping to offer comfort in whatever little way I can. I never talked to N about it. I just did what I did and apparently, she caught up. She also has a lot of compassion for them.

As I think more about it, I also realized that she was faithful in praying for our Pastor Kit when he was in the hospital doing his chemo. I don't remember telling her to pray for him, she just did it herself as she sees us doing it. She's my little prayer warrior.

Thank you Lord for N ...


Busymama Karen said...

Good job mom. You should be proud!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet! It's a simple truth that actions do speak louder than words. And you do have such a caring heart, so it's only natural that your sweet daughter would also.
May God continue to use her to be a blessing to others!