Sunday, May 4, 2008

Working Mother (Bits and Pieces - Oh, Just Venting)

This is going to be my first "vent post" on being a working mom since I cut back on my working hours (work outside our home). I was so thankful that I was able to reduce my hours from 36 hrs a week to 25 hrs a week that I actually did not talk a lot about being a working mom since then. (OK, I vented once but took it off line after a day.. just because...)

But tonight ... I am feeling the "stress". I feel a bit frazzled. There are 3 important projects/tasks at work that I am handling and they are all urgent. Since I work less hours now, I have less hours to accomplish these at work and I guess it piled up. I was planning to go to work this weekend to catch up but I didn't. There were just too much going on.

My son G had his Taekwondo testing last Saturday, so we were at the Dojang for 4 hours watching him being tested. He did get his "red belt" Congratulations G!

Then at night I had bunco. My friend Karene hosted this months Bunco and she did an excellent job! Next month I'd be hosting bunco at my house. It will be fun. Maybe I should live blog it... maybe not.

Sunday we went to church in the morning. At noon N had a little worship practice with Uncle Joe. After that, our family went to the mall to celebrate G's promotion to Red Belt. We strolled, shopped, and ate at "Ruby's Diner". It was a great family time. Today G also worked on his "invention" (project in school). Because it was a very busy weekend, I hardly had time to do laundry (wash or fold). House is in it's messiest since I turned part-time.... (but we had more family time so I guess that's alright).

When we came home, I hopped on the treadmill. 2 miles in 30 minutes - what d'ya all think? slow? Yep. Well... I'd probably be one of the "tortoise" at the "5K run" we're running this coming Saturday. But that's ok. It will be a good run. We're running for Kit. We'll be praying for Kit's healing while we run.

Tomorrow is Teachers Appreciation Day, do you know that? (correction, May 6 is it is). I just found out. The whole week next week is called "Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week". I was planning to bake some cupcakes to bring to school, but I might do brownies instead. I don't know if I have the time or energy to do this. If not, I might end up buying something from the store.

I am almost wishing I'd be sick tomorrow. Then I have to stay home instead of going to work. But then again that won't help much because I still have to deal with these projects that I have when I go back to work on Tuesday....

I should just go to bed and rest. I'm sleep deprived at the moment.

Yes, I still am a working mother. I stopped talking about it for a little while, but I still am. Mothers Day is coming - what do I wish to get? Sleep..... :)

Oh fairyblogmother, where art thou today?


Katrina said...

I hope you get that extra sleep, somehow, some way! (Although, looking at your schedule, I'm pretty sure it would take a miraculous occurrence (like when God delayed the sunset in reply to Joshua's prayer!)

Anonymous said...

Yes sleep sounds good! I can't wait for school to be out, I am so ready for a break!!! I can so relate to being busy at work and at home!