Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Oh The Buzyness......(Updated)

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

It's not even Tuesday yet (started this post Mon pm) and I have tackled a lot already! Yahoo!!! Last night I went to bed a little bit "stressed" because I was not able to do the laundry, wash the dishes, etc. etc. and I have to go to work the next day. We had been very busy on the weekend that I didn't have much time to catch up on chores.

But today, when I came home, I powered up and wash the dishes, (pots and and by hand, others by dishwasher), cleaned-up kitchen/dining area, and cooked dinner! I still have to do the laundry but I thought I'd reward myself with some blogging time (5 minutes :) )before I continue doing my chores.

And so I have to tackle "laundry" tonight. Aside from that I also would like to be able to create an organized "family schedule" for the remaining days in the month of May and the upcoming month of June. I told my family we are having a "meeting" tonight. We'll write down ALL our schedules (we have weddings to go to, birthday parties, May Day etc...) and we also will write down our chores so everyone will pitch in.

I'm excited about the meeting. I will post the result later :) I will also try to post the laundry photo - maybe ;)

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The MEETING didn't happen - Boohoo!!! After I posted about the meeting, I remembered that I have a a DVD I need to return. So I took my daughter with me to the video store and we returned the DVD. Then I remembered I need some ingredients for the dinner I am planning for tomorrow, so we stopped by Safeway. While at Safeway I remembered the things I need to buy and so the quick trip turned into a grocery shopping time.

When we arrived home I decided to start tackling laundry. Hubby was not in the mood for a meeting. N asked if shecould watch the National Geographic video and G is playing in the computer, chilling out after his Taekwondo Class.

Before I knew it, it's time for bed for kids. It's now 10:16PM - I'm still tackling my laundry (yes washing and drying - 2 loads down 2 more to go).... and I still have a hundred and one things to do... like clean out our refrigerator, because I am sure there's some mold culture growing there somewhere....

And the schedule... the list.... I still want to do it even without the meeting. I just need to have it all together because I am afraid we'll forget something...

Opppsss.... I think it's time to change the laundry. See ya later ;). I'm going to bed after the laundry change over.

Thank you for visiting me. Before I totally log off, I just want to re-post this poem as a reminder for me to be still, for in quietness and confidence is our strength (Isaiah 30:15):

A thirsty soul longing for God
A loving presence manifest
A broken spirit looking for joy
A gentle touch he gives
A burdened conscience looking for peace
An assurance through his Words
A quietness that renews the spirit
A quietness that gives hope


Anonymous said...

Awesome Tackle!!

Amanda said...

That's a great tackle!! Good luck with your family meeting!!

Mindy said...

WOW you go girl!!

Karen said...

You did get a lot finished. The meeting will happen someday. At least you don't have to find crickets!


Sarah said...

Busy! Busy! Great Tackle, come check mine out!

Anonymous said...

What a fun blog! I love it :o) Thanks for visiting mine on Saturday and for leaving a comment! I so appreciate it!

raqgold said...

am doing tackle it now (laundry, cleaning, etc), but why am sitting here bloghopping i dont really know, hahaa. am calling it a short break :D