Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's Talk About Blogging

Boomama is brainstorming along with Rocks in My Dryer and BigMama. I thought I'd answer some of the questions she posted for readers to give feedbacks on:

1. What part of blogging brings you the most joy and satisfaction? Relationships? Having an outlet for writing? Reading? Commenting? Building your traffic? Something else?

a. Something else: Introspection and Retrospection. A place to reflect on my thoughts and my opinions on various issues. A place to write stuff that I am passionate about (like worship, parenting, etc.) and "reflect" on it...

b. Connecting with others - I guess that's relationship. I am amazed how this blogging community has produced various online friendships. It's absolutely fantastic. I love and enjoy my bloggy friends even though I have not met them/you in person. I also love that this blog connects me with my extended family. My brothers and sister in laws read this blog regularly even though they do not leave a comment :)

2. What is the most frustrating part of blogging for you?

Lack of time. If I have more time, I'd blog more and comment more, and reply on commenters.

3. If you had to give someone one piece of advice about blogging, what would it be?

Be careful what you post. Once it's posted - it is posted. Make sure it does not hurt or judge someone unfairly. Make sure it does not destroy someone else's reputation (sometimes even if we don't intend to, it does, so be careful).

4. What do you know about blogging now that you WISH you had known when you started your blog?

a. Blog names and tag lines matter. I would have been more creative.
b. I would not have used my name. I'd be a little bit more anonymous.
c. When hiring a professional to help with design, make sure the professional is a blogger himself/herself. Otherwise, it does not work I learned this the hard way (paid for design I was not able to use)

5. What draws you to blogs you read regularly? What elevates a blog to a "daily read" status?

a. Encouraging or inspirational posts. Posts I learn from
b. Authenticity and sincerity of the blogger
c. Relationship/friendship I have developed with a blogger
d. Humor - I love reading posts that make me laugh :)


Katrina said...

Great thoughts on blogging. It made me think about my answers to the same questions. Your advice about blogging is especially good for someone considering starting a blog. :)

Kathy in WA said...

Love this collection of thoughts, Liza! I've been rethinking my approach and attitude toward blogging lately. I have a limited amount of time in my day and blogging (writing, editing, photojournaling, connecting with other bloggers) takes up a LOT of time.

I like the idea of identifying the reason behind your blogging.