Wednesday, April 2, 2008

3rd Graders Planned To Kill Their Teacher?

This is probably one of the most disturbing news I've heard recently: Eleven Third Grade Students Planned to Attack and Kill Their Teacher!

Where is our society heading? Wasn't there a saying before that goes like "Youth is the Hope of Our Nation"? Gosh, these kids aren't even "youth" yet, I mean, they are kids! And they are already doing this? (plot to kill a teacher? planned it's details?)

I guess this news really disturb me because I have a son who is in 4th grade and a daughter who is in 3rd grade right now. And I cannot fathom the fact that some kids their age actually planned in detail an attack kill the teacher! Did these kids watched too much TV, played too much violent video games, or what?

Maybe others will say that this is an isolated case and that it does not represent the youth of today. But has this kind of news been heard 20 or 10 years ago? I don't think anything like this has happened before. And it's not a good thing that it is happening now. It's not just the "act" itself that concerns me. It's the thought process of these kids. It's the idea that they planned revenge instead of learning from a consequence given to them by the teacher for not obeying school rules. Assuming that the teacher is "unreasonable" (let's just assume she's a difficult teacher), it still does not warrant for this kind of plot. In the old days, kids just accept the fact that some teachers are "bad" and they just wait for the school year to end. This issue is really a "moral and thought process issue". It's not a one time deal.

I don't know why I am even posting about this. There are tons of articles and discussions going on in the internet about this already. I guess I am posting this because this news is a concern. As a parent, I do my best to make sure I raise my kids in the way of the Lord, and I truly hope and trust that they will not get involved in any situation similar to this (as the Ten Commandments said "Thou Shall Not Kill", and Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself).

I think of the parents of those kids at this time. I wonder what they are going through, what are they thinking and feeling? I do not point a finger at them, but I hope that we all learn from these. Do we know what our kids are up to? Who are the kids they hang out with? Have we thought them forgiveness, responsibility, resiliency?

Ahhh, this news breaks my heart.... I cry for these kids. I do.


Anonymous said...

I was feeling the same way. I have a third grader and I can't imagine enough of them banding together to do anything like that! I know my kid's smart, but I don't think he could have just come up with that on his own without seeing the idea somewhere else! It's so sad. Makes me want to cry for these kids who basically destroyed their lives iwth this. At 8 years old!

Sister Honey Bunch/Judi maloney said...

This really bothered me too. How empty must those kids be? Where is their moral compass? How do they have such little value for life? And why would killing a teacher be an aswer tin their minds?

Joyful Days said...

This is really, really sad. I am shocked.

Anonymous said...

Very,very sad! It does leave you wondering what is this world coming to! My son will be going into thrid grade and I can't even imagine children his age thinking like this.

... said...

so sad, and yes, scary. if 3rd graders can have this thought process, just think of older kids. this is another area that needs to be bathed in prayer. thanks for sharing.

Nikki said...

I know what you mean....I teach fifth grade and it continually pains me to hear breaking news of students that think plotting things of this caliber serves a purpose. It is so scary and it is NOT the world we grew up in. My mom's siste lives on Pohaku Street in Honolulu. I've never been but want to so badly. My in-laws are there now for their 40th wedding anniversary, awww!! Thanks for leaving a comment, check back soon. I've added you to mine=)