Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thoughts on Blah-ging

Yes, I still am on a slow down mode in blah-ging (isn't that version of spelling funny, as in blah blah blah in blogs? :) ) . I often look at my ranking at blogtopsite and topblogarea, and I'd be lying if I say it's ok that it's going down and I am not worried. Because the truth is, I am worried about my ranking going too low during my slow down mode. I know... I know... I'm blogging for me and I shouldn't be worried about traffic and ranking. However, as much as I enjoy blogging and I'm blogging for the love of blogging, I am also hoping that the little income I earn through the ads in my blog would help supplement the income I'd be losing because I went part-time. And as all of us bloggers know, blog income is almost always directly proportional to blog traffic. More importantly, I really enjoy "being connected to you, my blogging friends" and a slow down mode reduces that connectedness, in my opinion. I need or want to be able to respond to comments, I think that would foster more relationship and friendships. Or at least make sure I visit your blogs and leave comments there too.

One thought about Ads, I need to keep watch. Even though Google Ads is content sensitive and since most of my contents are "family friendly", I thought that I am safe, but not! The other day I saw that Goggle Ads was advertising some "H*t" Gir*s" pages on my blog because I talked about Spritzer's case with the c*ll girl. I guess this is one of the many reasons why I love the Blogher Ads. With them I do not worry about "adult *-rated" ads popping up. Anyway...

I know that it's only a matter of time before I terminate my "slow mode" and start participating on a few carnivals again like Works for me Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday and Sunday Scribbling (I actually broke down and joined Sunday Scribbling last week).

In the meantime, I am happy to share that I'd gone back to writing in my private journal and spending more quite time with Jesus while I am on a slow down mode. Yes, the slowing down enabled me to do that... so when I get busy blah-ging again, I have to make sure that my private quite time does not suffer. It's about setting priorities and finding balance. If I get busy on blogging and my private quite time starts slipping, that I'd have to get back to "slow down" mode. As simple as that.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to take a little break or slow-down so you'll have something to say. Not you -- I mean me!

It's probably good to take that break while you're adjusting to the new routines and working through the changes in your life. You'll find ways to be more efficient, live larger and spend more time with your family and with God.

My traffic's down -- I think it's because we're all too busy to blog and too busy to visit each other's blogs.

Don't feel bad about your break. You're recharging your batteries. Just don't go away! We'd miss you!

Unknown said...

I've also been spending more quiet time. A good friend challenged me to get up before Ladybug gets up so that I can have some alone time with God, and I am SO glad I started doing that! I missed my alone time with God!

I am able to focus on my Bible study and prayers and I am a much better person, wife and mother because of it.

Stick with it, girl!

Kathryn & John said...

I love writing in my personal journal as well. It has a very centering effect.

Cindy-Still His Girl said...

I had to take my "rank" stuff off my blog... it was too distracting for me and served no purpose except to give me something else to feel inadequate about. :) Or prideful about. :)