Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Slowing Down But Not Stopping Update

To some it might seem like I never really slowed down. But I did. Not as much as I thought I would. But I did. This is my second week that I am not participating in any blog carnival, and I think I will continue with that. I also am not participating in any meme's or tags. I simply will post stuff and issues I am very passionate about, when time permits. Oh, I know I participated in "The Ultimate Blog Party", but that's because I already made a commitment to Mikarose prior to my decision to slow down. I must admit though that it's fun having visitors from there.

I know I got carried away with my postings about Lea Salonga's concert. I have yet to do Part 4, which hopefully is the finale. But honestly, I've cut back on posting and reading post. But if I wasn't slowing down, I would have already posted my reaction to Spitzer's case.... because I have a lot of opinion on that case.....

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