Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lea Salonga on Maui (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.

* Act 1 Continued .... (thank you arkiteckfhc for the photo of Lea as Fantine)

There was a standing ovation after Lea sang the "I Dreamed A Dream". Now, if you're in a concert and you see a standing ovation on the second song, you know it's a great concert. I was thinking, this concert is already worth every penny I spent on this even though it's just the second song.

The next song she sang is called "I've Never Been In Love Before". And I'm glad to find another YouTube video of this song being sang by Lea:

Next, she sang a Tagalog song titled "Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal". Gosh, I remember watching this movie, her movie with Aga Mulach where she sang this song. It made me a bit nostalgic. I know this song was popularized by Anthony Castello back in our days, but Lea sang it beautifully> she even encouraged all of us to sing along with her.

After the Tagalog song came the famous song from Mulan titled Reflections. This is one of my daughter's favorite song and it's so touching to hear it being sang by Lea live. Not only that she sang it, she actually sang the "long version" of it. Of course I was teary eyed listening to her. At this time I thought I should have brought my daughter with me. Here's a video of Lea singing this song in one of her previous concerts:

Next song was "You Must Love Me". I am not so familiar with this song, which I learned that night that it was from Evita.

Now for one of the most dramatic moment for me - after the song from Evita, Lea sang a song from Miss Saigon. She sang "I'd Give My Life For You". Now you've got to know that I must have sung this hundred times already. I love this song, and it was incredible to hear Lea sing it live. Now that she herself is a mom, she sings this with so much passion. There were tears in my eyes. There was a standing ovation after she sang this song. This song ended the first Act of the Concert. There's a Youtube video but the embed feature was disabled, so if you're interested to listen to Lea sing this song, go to YouTube here.

** PART 3 found here


iFred said...

thanks.. now i cant wait for the photos.. ;)

Kathryn & John said...

she is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great to know you were able to watch her concert there in Maui!

She had concerts in Bacolod and Iloilo early this year, but unfortunately, I had to fly back to Switzerland on the 28th of January! Sayang.

But I was able to watch some of her plays, performances in Disney movie previews, and her "A Miss Called Lea" at the PICC in 1990.

Looking forward to seeing your pics.