Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Slowing Down, But Not Stopping

I did this once before. If you've been with me in this blogging journey of mine since the beginning, you'd remember that I once slowed down; I once stepped back. I am doing it again. In the coming months I will be posting less (notice I already removed my Blog 365 button). I will be posting at least twice a month, maybe once week at the most. I will not participate in any blog carnival. This will drastically reduce traffic in my blog but that's ok. Once I sort out what I need to sort out and do the mission that I feel God is calling me to do, I will slowly get back to joining carnivals and the traffic will slowly but surely pick up once again. I am sure.

The midnight prayer I posted the other night came from the pit of my heart. It was triggered by a "bad" argument that my husband and I had that night, when out of the blue, in a bad timing and bad way on my part I blurted out the words "I want to start working part time instead of full time". Those words are not the words my husband wanted to hear in the middle of a little planning or brainstorming session he's trying to have with me about how we are going to spend this little tax return we're going to receive. "bad timing Liza, bad timing..." The conversation (if I can call it a conversation) went downhill from there when my husband dropped a remark "So what are you going to do? blog the whole day?". "Bad remark hubby, bad remark..." As Gary Smalley would say, for my hubby this was a little pebble he threw at me BUT it landed to me like a boulder. In my opinion and observation, the more time I have on my hands to spend with my family, the lesser I blog. Last Saturday my husband and son were on Oahu for a Taekwondo tournament and I planned this date with my daughter that day. My daughter and I had the greatest bonding time. I will post more about this day later but my point is, on Saturday I did not have any urge to blog. After our day's date I could have spend some time blogging while letting her watch a DVD of her choice, but instead, I folded the laundry while watching "Phantom of the Opera" DVD with my daughter, and she enjoyed that. You see, the more I am stressed, the more I blog. I don't think my husband understands that. Anyway, when I prayed that prayer that night, God spoke to me in a still small voice in my heart to run to HIM when I am stressed ... not to blogging, but to HIM. Blogging in itself is not bad, but the best answer to my anxiety is to spend more time with HIM. And so I will.

I will be doing one or two more important posts in the next couple of days, in which I will talk about why I am putting my foot down and "demanding" that I work part time instead of semi-full time (36 hours a week). I feel it's important for me to blog about it so for the sake of other "working moms" reading my blog.

For now, I need to brew a pot of coffee, grab my Bible and have some more quite time with Jesus.

To all of you who have read this far... thank you. Thank you for your love and support. One reason I love blogging is because of the support I get from blogging friends. Thank you....


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I find that I blog more when I am somewhat tied to my laptop for work. But once the weather is nice and I can spend more time outdoors with the girls on the weekends, etc., I will just turn off my laptop.

So, when in doubt...just turn it off! ;) I know, easier said then done. But I watch very little TV. Blogging is recreational for me but it can eat up a tremendous amount of time....time that could be spent reading your Bible, with your kids, husband, etc!

Good luck with going part time Liza! I work 32 hours a week, but half that time is from home. Is working from home an option for you at all? I really love it.

Good luck finding what works best for you and your family my friend.

Liza on Maui said...

Thanks for your comment and support Jamie.

Yes, my hope is to be able to work at home - that would be a better arrangement. I want to be at home when my kids get off from school. In my present work I don't think it's possible (my employer is not comfortable with that arrangement) but if I get this non-profit org (my goal) going, then I can work the 32 hours (even more) mostly at home.

I watch very little TV also (actually, not TV but DVD as we are not connected to any network, cable or whatever). Blogging is also recreational for me. I guess that's why I'm bummed that hubby oftentimes "point out the time I spend on blogging" whenever we're in an argument.

Needless to say, the next few days, weeks, and months would be quite interesting and challenging. I'll need lots of prayers :)

Anonymous said...

Liza, I'll miss reading your posts (although I've not been around blogging much lately yours is one of the blogs I keep in my feedreader and always read). But I feel this is a good decision for you right now. I guess that God (and it seems your husband) is jealous for the time you spend blogging. But I'll be praying for you in the next few months, that you can find balance in your roles and can pursue the things God has put on your heart. God bless, Liza! Looking forward to reading the things you do post!

Unknown said...

Hey friend! I have you in my google reader, so when you do post, I'll be here to read it!

I just want to encourage you to keep your priorities in order - God first, family second, then everything, including work and blogging. Nothing should take the place of the first 2.


Tracee Sioux, Sioux Ink: Soul Purpose Publishing said...

I can relate to feeling pressured by your husband to work fulltime. I too feel a very strong pull not to do that. I agree, it's good you blog about it.

I feel like the pressure husbands put on their wives to work and bring home more money doesn't get much play. Certainly that's the case in my house. It's a major recurring source of contention in our marriage.

Anonymous said...

Oh Liza, I can tell you are struggling with this. It is so hard when you heart is torn, and you are tired of being tired. I will be praying for both you and your hubby. And I pray that God uses this time to direct, guide, encourage, and strengthen you. You can call it time for the 3 R's, REST, reviving, refreshment, heck there are more R's then 3.....redirecting, renewing, relaxing, relating,refocusing........... :)

Keep us posted about what happens.

You are a great blogging friend Liza. :)


Joyful Days said...

I was impressed upon to leave my Joyful Days blog for Lent. It was becoming "too important" for me. I've blogged a few times at my faith journey blog, but the time I've been given has gone mostly to family and home. And God. You know what I mean.

Praying for your job & finances. It can be done with prayer and carefulness.

Peace in Him,