Wednesday, February 13, 2008

March Bunco and Lea Salonga on Maui

I got an e-mail from Lisa, one of my Buncomates, who is hosting the March bunco. Looks like it's gonna be a "St. Patrick's Day" theme because she told us to bring "something green" for the $3 gift that each of us brings to put into a basket as a price for the "last bunco". Our next bunco night will be on March 1st. I'm glad it's on March 1st because on March 7th, Lea Salonga will have a concert here on Maui and I want to go. I'm holding off on buying the ticket for a couple of days for "a reason I'd rather not share". But if that "reason I'd rather not share" would not create a conflict in schedule, I definitely would go to Lea's concert. Wow - I can actually be her pretend BFF, take a photo of me and her together, and blog about us :). Yeah...maybe I should contact her manager and see if I can interview her at the backstage before the show so I can feature her on my blog ....right:)....

UPDATE: I bought the ticket today, click here for a sample of what I'll hear :)

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