Friday, February 22, 2008

Sporadic Bloggers I Like :)

I'm "Blogroll cleaning". I love these blogs but they have not been updating their blogs regularly, so I am placing them under the "sporadic bloggers" roll. I still always visit them to check on them so I don't want to just delete them from my side bar. Putting these links together would be easier for me to check on them, at the same time will make my sidebar roll more updated. This is a working progress... I don't know how this would affect the RSS, but if it keeps on re-publishing while I am working on it, I apologize. I will work on this for this week and then it will be done :)

101 Things
Be Still
Digital Rich
Fatherhood Matters
Joyful Days
Plano Mom
Snapshots and CoffeeTalks
Toddler Freeze Frame
X-Pat Express


Joyful Days said...

Thanks for thinking of me Liza. I took a Lenten break from posting. I will return near Easter if God allows. Still posting on my faith journey blog.

Peace in Christ,


Johnny O said...

Yes - same here. GOAL: Once a week blogging for me. Thanks for your support of my blog - JohnnyO