Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Works For Me: DAWN Direct Foam

*** Update:

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I kid you not, this DAWN direct foam is fantastic! Washing pots and pans by hand has never been so easier. I got a bottle (with dispenser) after Christmas and I wish I had gotten it sooner. I am using the Rapid Fresh scent one (the blue one) and I'd want to try the other colors too. But for now, we still have a lot of the blue (which by the way smells so fresh), because I only use a little at a time and it washes a lot! What I like the most about it is how it cuts the grease. It's amazing!

My husband agrees with me too. The funny thing is that the regular DAWN dish washing soap has always worked for us before, but now I have a new preference - the direct foam!

If you have not tried it, I suggest you do. I guarantee it'll work for you too.

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~Mary~ 4boys4me said...

Hmmm, someone else recommended Dawn Direct to me this week. I guess I need to try it!

Veronika said...

Hi Liza. I was looking back on my comments and found your comment which led me to your blog.
I LOVE Dawn Direct Foam! It really lasts a long time, and dishes can be washed immediatley instead of having to wait for a full sink.