Monday, January 7, 2008

Sandwich Generation - The Continuation ...

I almost forgot my "to be continued" post until tonight ... because tonight, my mom and dad had a little episode....

After dinner tonight my dad asked me to check out their room. He said he saw Nanay (my mom) looking at old photos of HoneyB (a.k.a. my hubby) and his family. Tatay (my dad) was in a "panic mode" because he's afraid my mom would lose (misplace) those valuable photos. He said my mom told him she just found those in their room (which is not correct because she took it our of the laundry room where I unintentionally left it) He asked me to ask my mom to give it back to me, and this of course offended my mom. Oh, she was very upset with my dad. She said my dad is always afraid that she'd lose stuff. She said Tatay gets angry too easily (which is actually a projection, if you know what I mean).

Nanay went upstairs and started washing the dishes while venting away. She said she's tired of Tatay always nagging her. And that my dad always wants to go home, but she didn't. She said, "well, I'd tell him to go back to the Philippines, and I'd stay here" ....

(oh :0 ....)

So don't be surprised if I suddenly blog that they are going home.

Just this morning, the two of them were like love birds having a good time, eating breakfast on our lanai (deck):

Anyway, I'm sure they'd be ok tomorrow. But for tonight, Nanay is not speaking with Tatay ;)


Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Hello Liza! I found you comment on Azl's blog and surely your username sounded familiar? And then I remembered you're the same Liza in Oikos Online (Jayred's)

Small world huh! :-)

Take care.

Amanda @ Click. The Good News said...

They are too cute!

Anonymous said...

That's really tough. Right in your house.

I think it's really hard for the spouse (in this case, your father) to realize what's going on because it happens so gradually. I know my father kept thinking he could talk my mother into remembering things, or seeing them a different way.

And then the anger. It must be so hard to be the person with dementia. The world isn't right, and you can't figure out why. I'd be mad, too.

There are things they say you can do at this "losing things" stage, like put a hook on the wall where the person can hang their pocketbook every day, etc., but that didn't work for us. If she could have remembered where the hook was, she could have remembered where her pocketbook was.

I also tried putting up a wipe-board with everybody's phone numbers and the day and date. The phone numbers were helpful but not the day and date. She wouldn't look there for that.

Good luck! And it's a good thing they're so cute.

Katrina said...

It's hard to be in the middle of that situation, but it's clear that your family has a lot of love for each other. Hang in there!