Monday, January 14, 2008

Is It Friday Yet? (and Bloggy Awards)

I know... it's just Monday. But I am ready for Friday. Already. Yes, Friday!

I am typing this post at 8:46 Sunday Night but I won't publish until Monday morning. Why? because I already posted a couple of posts today and I have to do one for tomorrow. Because I was insane. Because I signed up with that Blog 365. I have to make sure I post a post a day.

The truth is I don't mind doing a post a day. I'd do more if I have the time.

Speaking of time. I really don't have the time. But I this blogging thing really de-stresses me. So there.

Speaking of blogging thing, I received two bloggy awards about a month ago that I have not acknowledged on my blog. Therefore I will do that now. Thank you very much for these awards:

First, I received the Blog Friend Forever Award from Heather, which I am passing on to Jen of My 3 Boys and I.

then I received the Friendship Award from Mayi, which I am passing on to Sandy of Jesus and Dark Chocolate:


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...



Melanie said...

You've been added to the Blogaholics Anonymous blogroll. Welcome to the club!
Livin' With Me

Anonymous said...

Thanks Liza!!
I happen to think you are pretty cool too! Plus, us working moms need to stick together!!!!!! :)