Sunday, January 6, 2008

Calling All Southern Belles and Southern Mamas, I Need Your Help to Transform Me Into a Southern BUNCO Belle

Remember this post when I said I was thinking of trading schedule with a Buncomate to do the BUNCO this January. I did not. I guess I still have the time to decided whether to take the March schedule and bring them all to the BUNCO CHAMPIONSHIP in Las Vegas - ha!

Anyhoo - Internet Belles, I need your help. I need to transform into a Southern Belle for this month's Bunco. Here's the e-mail I got from this month's host:

"Hey Ladies....hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's!!! Some of you know I spent November back in South Carolina and I picked up some of my ole' southern habits while I was home. I have decided this bunko month is going to be southern, break out your "Southern Living" magazines and dress like you wanna make your mama may just take home a best dressed prize! Hope to see "ya'll!"

Did yo read that? There's a prize! And I want to win the prize! But you see, I grew up in Asia, and I am now a local girl here on the tropical Island of Maui. I have no idea how to be a Southern Belle. So.....

Would you help me? Do you have ideas? Photos? Tips? You can e-mail me or post a comment here.

I was talking to another buncomate who's a local girl and both of us would like to know. Our idea is coming to this bunco dressed in a dress with puffed sleeves and shirred dress, like a debutant - then we thought - "what if that's not the Southern she's talking about?"

UPDATE: I won! I won! Thank you all Southern Belles. Some photos here.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Hmmmm. Let me think about this. Even though I'm a "Southern" girl I'm NOT a debutante! ;)

Hey, my blog friend Debunot would be a good person to ask.

I would look at some of the photos from Nashville's Steeplechase event. All the women (not in the outfield where everyone is wild and crazy) wear pretty dresses and hats. Hats are key!

Or you could just go all Miss Scarlet that night! Sounds fun, though. :)

Momisodes said...

Ooooh..that's a tough one. I agree with Jamie. Maybe a pretty frilly debutant dress with puffy sleeves + gloves + hat would be cute....But what do I know..I'm just a city girl :(

Momisodes said...

Oh! And I forgot...maybe a parasol! Those cute parasol's that block the sun :)

raqgold said...

wow, this is interesting. good luck and show us pictures when you got the right outfit :D

Unknown said...

Definitely gloves up to the elbow. And rings on top of the gloves. And big hats, the bigger the better. I'll do some lookin' for some photos that might help!

boomama said...

If you're going "old school" Southern belle, you need a pretty dress, a great hat, and a mint julep cup for sipping the beverage of your choice. You also need to say things like "Oh my word" and "Heavenly days in the morning" a whole bunch. And you need to be able to talk about your grandmother's silver pattern and the fun new linens you've found for your good china. :-)

Another good Southern rule of thumb: don't show up at Bunco empty-handed. Make sure you have some lovely homemade treats or a good bottle of wine for your hostess. And if you take food, make sure to take it on a plate or a platter that your hostess can keep - paper plates will never do. :-)

OH, I wish I could be there!

AnnieBlogs said...

Now, I'm not talking Southern debutante belle here, I'm describing the Southern women that you would see today- I'm picturing the ones at the University of Georgia football games. They are a sight to behold for certain.

1. Lipstick. Bright. We don't show up without it.

2. Nail polish. Bright. Toes and fingers matching please.

3. Hair. Big. Up and out- take it in any curly direction it will go.

4. Accent. Thick. (or "theek", if you want to start now)

5. Jewelry. Big and shiny. Not 80s big, but jingling big for sure.

6. Flip flops with bows. Google it and they have tons of images there they come straight out of a South Georgia closet.

7. I know it might pain you, but some good ole Georgia Bulldog gear would be nice. :) But that probably isn't what Hawaiians want to see right now. But Southern women LOVE their college football, so any team in the SEC will do.

8. For the outfit, as long as it is color coordinated, top and bottom. Not jeans or black pants. Something like coral capris or turquoise pedal pushers. But colored pants and a coordinating top. (That's what my mama and her friends wear all the time, at least)

So this is a different option than the debutante, but trust me, still Southern.

Can't wait to see the pictures! Have fun!!

Kathryn & John said...

I lived in South Carolina for three years. You need to have big blonde hair, and long painted fingernails.

Liza on Maui said...

This is sooo much fun! Thank y'all fr the quick feedback. Keep the comments coming, I am getting a lot of wonderful ideas!

Emily said...

Thanks for visiting my little blog! If you're going as a "belle" I defintely would go the hat and glove route - if you're going wild google "cotillion" and see if you get any old pictures of southern cotillions that come up.

Anonymous said...

This should not be hard for you. For one thing, I'm concerned about the person who issued the invitation. She spelled "y'all" wrong. It is "y'all." So already you are one up on the competition.

More suggestions: Learn to flirt. Look at men as if they aren't wearing any clothes. Always say the right thing. (I have a friend who does this -- I cannot even though I'm a certified S.B. in S.C.). Ask about whomever you're talking to's mother. "How's your Mama and them?" Be very friendly but slightly aloof. Smile continually. Don't let anyone photograph you holding a drink. Try to find out ways you might be related to whomever you're talking to. Adam and Eve will do.

No rings on top of gloves. Tacky. Only wear hats outside or at Easter. (Actually, my mother wore them up until 6:00 p.m. Now I think people only wear them at horse races and Easter.) Don't dress like Britney Spears.

There's more. But this is enough for now.

Laura said...

What fun! Big hair that does not move. Painted fingernails and toenails. Lipstick - bold and bright. Did I mention big hair? Your outfit MUST coordinate down to the shoes and purse. And I agree with BooMama - a plate of treats is a great way to go. Good luck! Glad I found your blog! Can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Liz said...

Oh how fun! Well I second the coordinating outfit. The coral pedal pushers with a matching top with flip flops with bows on them. Make sure your earrings and necklace match and smile really big and give the hostess a hug when you greet her. Your nails need to match and your eyebrows must be shaped and your lips need to really be colored with a matching liner. Have too much fun!

tickledpink.nicole said...

I know it's winter, but no southern girl can go without Lilly Pulitzer. Visit: for ideas.

Sounds like you're in for a FUN night!

windycorner said...

Fun, fun, fun! So many great ideas so far. The only thing I would add is pearls and a Vera Bradley bag or accessory. Hope you win!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Rent Steel Magnolias and this will all make sense. :>)

Be sure to ask everyone there about their Mama. All Southern Belles do this. Just say,"How's your Mama?" We never ask about the Daddy. I don't know why. Have fun!

southerninspiration said...

Well, I do think it matters which era you want to represent...but I agree if you watch Steel Magnolias or Gone with the Wind, that you will get some ideas of what a true Southern Belle looks like. Or try looking at Southern Lady magazine, and mimic that classy look. I agree that PEARLS are the way to go, and definitely bring a hostess gift which you present as you ask about "Mamma and them". Sounds like loads of fun!

southerninspiration said...

Saw this on a friends blog and wanted to send you the link....look down a few entries and there's an entry about Southern Belles...
Might help what you are aiming for!