Saturday, December 29, 2007

This Little Blog Of Mine ...

This little blog of mine
has become a best friend of a kind

It helps me think
so I won't sink
and in a blink
I have a wink ;)

This little blog of mine
has become a counselor of sort

A sanity saver
anxiety reliever
sometimes like a jester
that makes me feel better

This little blog of mine
I love this
little blog of mine

Setting Goals For Blogs


Anonymous said...

cool poem
I LIKE your blog
keep it up
i do find the blogging community very support and friendly
its neat how Ive been able to make friends with other people I would never have known otherwise from all over the world

Jen at

Unknown said...

Love this!

Also, I updated my blog post about voting for our song. You don't have to sign up - I made the instructions a little clearer too. Thanks for voting!!

Have a safe New Years!