Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Season

This Season

It's the season to be jolly...
fa la la la la ...
But wait a minute,
are you?

This season is
supposed to be merry and bright...
a joyful night...
Is it for you?

This is the season to rejoice,
holiday greetings
time of giving...
is it...really?

This season
the war is not ceasing
many homeless are still hungry
poverty abounds

The abused still crying
there are people dying
lost we not found
grief is there

And why are the stress and pressure
instead of merry measure
why are there
sadness and tears

It was the night before
and divorce was looming
a family will divide

Ah, but it's supposed
to be a silent night
a holy night
when all is calm

Then why are there chaos
why are there pain
sleep? in heavenly peace?
where do we get that?

This season...
No, it's not just a season
to be merry and bright
it's not just that

This is the season
to remember
that a Saviour has come
and soon will return...


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gautami tripathy said...

Liza, your poetry always make me want to sing it aloud!

seasons of eternity

Anonymous said...

Some sad realities of life don't excuse this season, but we can always choose to make this season a better part of the year, to temporarily forget sadness even if we are lonely. Counting our blessings is one way to celebrate this season.

Here's one of my blessings:


I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Tumblewords: said...

Lots of truth in this poem - each stanza brings me up short. Great reminder...