Friday, December 21, 2007

Grace In A Manger

There are a million and one things in my mind that I want to blog about, but I couldn't compose a coherent scribbling. So instead of coming up with some rambling thoughts, I decided it would be better to direct you all to a wonderful post by Shannon. Not that Shannon needs the traffic coming from my link because her blog is already being visited by thousands of people a day. I am directing you there to read about the Grace in a Manger - an intimate reflection fit for this season. Merry Christmas.

And after you read Shannon' reflection, check out this post on Jesus and Dark Chocolate
. Yeah Jesus!


Just Jen said...

Thanks for sharing your friends blog! It is awesome and her message is EXACTLY what this season needs!
Merry Christmas!

forgetfulone said...

Thanks for the link. Wishing you a merry Christmas!

raqgold said...

that is why we have the nativity scene under the tree :D

Anonymous said...

tagging you for a train ride

and Im off to read that link thanks

jen at