Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bunco... in Las Vegas?!

During last month's Bunco night, Garnett was asking around who would want to swap schedule with her. She's scheduled to host in January but she felt like she might need some more time to prepare. I guess it's because the 4 previous bunco nights we had have been all fabulous, the hostess did so well, that there seems to be a "pressure" to come up with some creative ideas on bunco hosting.

My schedule to host is not until June. I thought maybe I should just swap so I can host and be done with it (at least for 12 months). And so I started googling bunco to get ideas. Oh yes, I google everything - who doesn't?

Guess what I found out? There is actually an official association for Bunco called World Bunco Association. And there's also this huge event on Bunco called the Bunco Championship to be held in Vegas! Las Vegas? You've got to be kidding me! - but no I'm not. There really is a Bunco championship to be held in Las Vegas!

The big event is being sponsored by Prilosec. This is actually the second year they are doing this. Yes, I found that out through google too. The 2006 Bunco Championship was a hoot, they are doing it again in 2008! To find out more info about this, go to

What got me very excited is that the bunco grand prize is $50,000.00! That's way larger than the bunco prize of $30 GC I won on our first bunco night. Aside from that, there will be fundraising involved for cancer research. As you can read on the official site, the sign up starts on January 3, 2008 but the actual event is on March 7 to 9th 2008 at Ceasar's Palace. It would be nice to go isn't it?

And so, maybe instead of hosting the bunco night in January at our house, I should host it in March and bring the 12 of us in Las Vegas! I can dream, can't I? ;)


Justabeachkat said...

Thanks for the info! Very interesting!

And thanks for visiting my blog. Come back're always welcome.


Amy said...

That is fun. Our group isn't going any more and it is disappointing. I have loved playing but our group that we had (in Houston) just wasn't really a great match of gals and it was kind of awkward.

Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and I'm glad you liked the bunco card. Have a happy new year!!