Friday, December 28, 2007

A 15 Minutes Blog Post

I have a lot of things to do. But I also have a lot to blog about. Compromise: I am giving my self 15 minutes before I tackle the chores. Kids and Hubby are watching Naruto downstairs so I guess I am entitled to some "recreation" and blogging as you all know is a recreation for me :). So here it goes:

1. My parents are arriving on Monday! Oh, some of you might not know that they are at LA right now visiting my brother and sister-in-law. The plan was for them to stay there until my SIL gives birth, but my mom couldn't wait. They actually would want to go back to the Philippines but would come back here for now. I am thankful for the timing because the kids are on December break - it's good to have them here while the kids are on vacation.

2. Working Mom Blog This Will Stay. - I finally was able to tell my husband about my desire to stay at home (this was when I didn't know that my parents were coming back and I was struggling with the fact that my kids were on vacation and I didn't know what to do for childcare. Our dear neighbor volunteer their dad who is also watching their kids, but I didn't want to give him an additional responsibility). Anyhoo - my husband made it clear that "staying at home" is not an option for me. After thinking a lot about it, I know he's right. As much as I want to, we can't do it right now. Too many factors involved, and it boils down to "not now, not for a while".

3. I need to go. Something happening in our neighbor. They might need an assistance. (I'm back just to let you know that it's just a "minor" thing about our neighbor. I won't go into details because that wouldn't be nice, would it?)

Now on to my chores!


Anonymous said...

yaye re number 1
safe travels to them

re number 3 oooo what?
take care

jen at

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the "not now, not for awhile." I know it's so hard to balance it all. I will pray that God will give your strength and wisdom for this season of life.

~Your blogging buddy and working mom, Sandy

Unknown said...

I understand the struggle that goes on inside regarding working or staying home. God has called us to be faithful. I pray that you are able to remain faithful in the place where He has you now, and that when the time comes for change, that your eyes will be open to see the path He sets out.

raqgold said...

hi liza, it is 'not now' -- that status could change, as you said. i am sure the time would come and the decision to stay at home would come comfortably. oh, it would be fun to have the lolo and lola for new year, right?